Heat wave

We've been having a really hot weather here in Finland; several weeks of +30 or so degrees centigrade.I love, love, love it. My flowers in the balcony love it, too, as long as i remember to water them.

It cannot get too hot for me here in Finland. However, I was in Budapest for four days in the middle of July. For two days, the temp was +38 C in the shade. That was nearly too hot - but not quite.

But what do little kitties do, when it gets so hot & humid? burrow into their own skein of wool, of course.


Hello yellow

I only meant to get myself a pair of sunglasses at the summer sales, but i also bought a new bag... oh well, didn't have a yellow bag before.

I got these, by Dior, they were 30% off:

Still, I paid more than i meant to. They are my first "real" pair of sunglasses, all the previous ones have been those you buy for 19,99e and don't mind loosing. These are strictly for city-wear, not for the island. I still have one pair of shades i don't mind accidentally dropping into the sea. I have to say, i rather like how i look wearing these. They make my face look less round, and smaller.

The bag, by Marco Polo, from Stockmann, 40% off:

This, too, is city-wear. I thought it would bring a welcome burst of colour to my blue-black-grey-white-brown summer wardrobe. Yes, exactly the same colours I use year-around. I’ve never understood why one is supposed to start wearing pastels just because it’s summer. And, summer is the time of the year Finns actually aren’t washed-out white, so could wear bright colours. The size it’s about 35 x 15 cm and has one zip pocket and two open pockets inside, one of which is meant for phone. The two zip pockets outside are functional, not just for looks. 

Means I have to carry another bag if I want to have my knitting and/or book with me.

After buying these, i had a glass of champagne with a friend, and he was rather suprised when i said i have about 30 handbags. However, he admitted having nearly a hundred t-shirts.

I also bought a skein of Malabrigo Yarn Sock, in Cote D'Azure, but no more of that as it is meant for a present i plan to make for Terhi (she might read this). Can't wait to get to see her in Oxford. I love her and i love the city. But before that, Budapest, which i have not visited before. Bound to be lovely, too.