To See a Beaver

This has been a silent blog for a month. I'm sorry. And I'm sorry but no knitting content this time, either. I've got a bunch of nearly finished knits, but a UFO is a UFO, not a FO. Can't do nothing about that but get my needles moving.

However, I thought I'd entertain you (hah!) with my family and our Easter activities. Those who have been around this blog know that we've got a summer cottage on an island in the Gulf of Finland. But, we've got another, mostly unused, cottage in the municipality our family originates from. A small river runs just next to it and this spring a pair of beavers moved in and started to built a dam. Needles to say, we were thrilled. My father said they were welcome to any forest they would manage to flood as it was unmanaged anyway. Rather, he was worried there might not be enough broadleaves to sustain them for long.

So, on Good Friday we made a day of it and went to see the beavers. There were five of us: I, my father, his spouse plus my step-sister and her spouse. So I was a bit sceptical whether we'd manage to see any, with all the racket we were bound to make.

Here's father with Merja:

Immediately, we saw evidence of the beavers' presence:

The river was running a bit high as usual for springtime.

These look like I was standing in the middle, but I was not thanks to a handy rock.

We waited patiently, but no beavers.

I got bored and started to take "artistic" photographs of water. 

Then everybody got bored and we made a fire and ate a picnic lunch (mainly fried sausages and beer). After the lunch we made one last try and there they (or at least one) were!

I even managed to get some photos. You have to look carefully
between all the trees, but I promise you, there is a beaver in the photo!
And in this one below too!

For once I was happy to be wrong. We came home happy,
even if a bit cold. The weather was Finnish spring with a vengance.