yarn & bubbly, plus spring!!!

We had fun in Tallinn with Niina. Bought yarn and drank bubbly. The weather was quite nice, actually. A bit windy perhaps, but the sun shone. There were  a lot of Finns and Swedes about in the old city centre, but not as many as during the summer, when it seems like the city has been taken over.

My mama is turning 60 next July and I'm planning to knit her a blanket for a gift. I bought the yarn for it from Karnaluks (a big craft shop in Talllinn at Hermanni 1) plus a bit of unplanned yarn for myself.

The yarn i bought for the blanket is a natural white wool-acrylic blend. It has a nice woolly structure & twist and I believe it will stand a lot of use. Plus, its will show the texture of the knitting well. However, I'm having second thoughts about the softness of it, or rather,  the lack of it. Hopefully it will soften in the wash. Have to check. I bought one kilo / 2000m of yarn. Should be enough.

For myself I bought Rowan's All season cotton, ten balls at 90 m per ball, in an odd brown shade; really beautiful. 900m should make a summer cardi. This yarn too is an acrylic blend, with 60 percent cotton. I wouldn't have bought it but for Niina, who had heard good of the yarn.

The spring is well on the way, thank God. I saw my first hedgehog a week ago and the blackbirds are singing madly. And great tits seem to be everywhere, making quite a racket with their mating habits. They are nearly fearless and some let me come within two metres of them.

Wood anemones are in flower next to my jogging path but I have not seen any coltsfoot even though they are reported to be in flower, too.

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