Snow, baubbles and Christmas

The whole Europe, it seems, has been blessed with a very, very white Christmas. This is the centre of Finland's capital a few days ago. We are still a few measly centimetres short from all time December snow depth record.

This is the view from my living room window during the day

and an evening view from the balcony

I like snow, and I like winter, and I like Christmas. Wrapping gifts is a real pleasure, even with a little helper, who wakes up from the deepest slumber when she hears the rustle of paper and ribbon.

Looking at this picture you might think I have a lovely centrepiece on my dining table

Change the camera angle and you get the truth

clean (thank god...) laundry graces my table. BTW, what is it with clean laundry and kittens?

Perhaps the same thing as with kittens and just-a-minute-ago-cleaned litter box?

I've bought and knit and wrapped quite a few presents, also some to myself! Such as these earrings

And this neclace

I've already worn them this week to
 give a little Christmas feel to my outfit.

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