To KIP or not to KIP

Yes, I'll definitely be KIPing, Knitting in Public, tomorrow at noon in Ruttopuisto (the "Plague" Park) in Helsinki. It’s called thus because the victims of the Plague epidemic of 1710 were all buried there in mass graves. The real name is the Old Church’s Park.
Here's the map, the dot is at the Northernmost corner of the park.

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I might even finish the long-overdue socks for Mother. Other important news: the weather is the best, about +26C or more all over the country - except Lapland, of course.

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  1. Lämpöä kyllä riittää aika pohjoiseen. Rovaniemi/Kittilä/Sodankylä-korkeuksillakin on +30 rikottu lähipäivinä useaan otteeseen :)