twist & diet

Twist Collective Winter 2010 is out! and !!!

Again, it's filled with lovely patterns of which I've bought one, Lara.

I'm gonna knit it to my sister for Christmas 2010 from pale pink Colourmart merino. Originally I had planned to knit her Annis from Knitty, but after seeing Lara, I was hooked. I've got a few WIPs but I don't think they will stop me from casting on tonight...

Seeing it, I even planned to knit Lara to myself , too, but decided I'm about 10 years (at least) too old for the style. That said, I might just change my mine and play Little Red Riding Hood.

Two of the knits, Roheline and Freya and are by Finnish designers. Way to go Mari and Suvi!

A few weeks ago I had a dilemma. I have yarns for 4 cardis/pullovers and I just could not decide which one to start. The solution was simple: I started a fifth one. I finished it yesterday and  as I write this, the pullover's having a bath. I  based my pulli on Sahara by Wendy Bernard and used the left-overs of another cardi. I'll try to photograph it soon (and the acer cardi I finished way back in September...).

I spend the weekend at my father's, celebrating father's day. My  sister and her husband were there too, and.... well, the result is that my little kitty-cat is on a diet.

Both Marika and Teemu are vets and they said she has to loose 2 kilos. I've got a big bag of diet cat food ( "obesity management", that's a bit too thick) and I have to weight all the food I'm giving her. 39 grams of food per day. And no treats. Bugger.

I think Pikku-Hukka is just cuddly, but I was threatened with diabetes and such. Now I just have to come up with something to give up myself, so that she's not the only one suffering. No, not yarn, but something food-related. G&Ts? Cider? Or, sweets? I think the last one of the three is the easiest one, so, can I choose that or would it be cheating?


I've also been busy sewing 

and lifted the bulbs from cold to room temperature

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