Keen on green

I've an urge to knit green. These socks, Longjohns by Anne Hanson are nearly done (so obviously the photo has a sort of an archive quality). The yarn is Cascade's Heritage Paints in colour 9824. I'm rather fond of it. So fond actually, that I've ordered two more skeins of it plus two skeins of Heritage Solids in charcoal (5631) to knit the Blakeslee Top by Emily Johnson of the Family Trunk Project.

I might knit Blakeslee with long sleeves, I've have to think about it. Or maybe 3/4 sleeves? I have time to ponder, as I'll get the yarns later in February. Actually, this frees me to knit a one or two more wintry knits. I've got about 1300 yards of Beaverslide Dry Goods  worsted weight merino-mohair. Originally, it was whitetail fawn but I dipped it in Earl Grey tea and now its light brown /tan. I'm gonna knit this from it. Again, I'm planning a few mods to accommondate my bodyshape better.

And, I might have ordered a few skeins of Cascade 220 Heathers in Straw (4010) from Titityy (my source for the Heritage, too) for a cardi...

It's not only plans, however. I've finished a pullover I'm calling The Nut Tart. I'm blocking it today and plan to blog about it later this week.

And Marika, in case you're reading this, your BD present is nearly done. I've changed the pattern from my original plans, but the light pink yarn remains. You'll see=get it on Friday.

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