A job well felted

We, Pikku-Hukka and I, have made a deal on how the space on window sills is divided between her and my plants, candles, curiosities etc. Mostly this works. However, the window sills are apt to be cold during the wintertime. And cats can get an urinary track infection, too. So I made a bottom warmer for my cat out of merino roving. 

I wanted a really colourful piece, as the cotton one she uses during the summer is white. Then I just placed the rovings under and over each other, choosing the colours randomly. Looking at the finished piece it looks suspiciously planned.

When I was happy with the look, I  felted the mat/bottom warmer by hand and left it to dry. I did the whole thing at Kissanviiksi one Saturday. It took a few hours (drying-time not included). I bought the roving from Kissanviiksi, too.

Quite a few people to whom I've told this have asked how I get Pikku-Hukka to sit on it. Quite simple. I placed the mat on her favourite place. It helps that her little bottom unerringly distinguishes wool, merino,  cashmere, angora and alpaca etc from inferior fibres.

And here she is, stalking my neighbours. Or maybe bird watching?

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