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I spend last weekend at my very first knitting retreat ever. It was so much fun, I arrived home on Sunday evening tired but happy. Knitting, talking, eating, drinking, sauna-ing, a yarn purchase or two. I even managed to destash some yarn. Came home with more yarn than I left with, though. I'm already looking forward to the next retreat. Those nice fellow knitters doing all the organizing, thank you! I wish you all an overflowing stash.

Prior the retreat, everyone except one I told about it asked whether it was meant to be a silent one. Around 50 opinionated, yarn-loving, social (occasionally slightly tipsy) women present, what do you think?

The yarns at the photo: the cake on top is Wollmeise Twin in Golden pear. Underneath from left to right: three skeins of Kintlob's Lair sock yarn, Wollmeise Twin in Rosenrot WD and Wollmeise 100% merino in Regenbogen. More details in my stash.

Those who wonder about the world's cutest Pikku-Hukka, she's holidaying chez my mother. Mom reports PikkuHukka's spending her time sleeping in a pale blue bowl and looking adorable. Who'd have guessed? And that she fits in it!

Edited later on:
I forgot, managed to finish this hat while at Päivölä.

more about it here

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