What a relief

I have quite a few finished knits I haven't blogged about. Haven't updated my ravelry page either. I haven't had time or energy to photograph them. The reason is that my father had a big (scheduled) heart operation on 24th of February. 

Even though the op was a relatively simple one for such a big operation (they stopped his heart for half an hour and all that), we were quite anxious.

During that week plus the following week which he spend in hospital my thoughts were focused on him. Father eventually got to get home on 4th March. The op went fine and father is recuperating as he should be. So, I really did not think about knitting photos or much else that father for a fortnight. I did get a fair amount of simple knitting done while visiting him, though. 

So, no knits, but here are a few yarn purchases.

This silk-cashmere lace yarn in colour Mangrove is from Skein Yarns. Fast shipping, even though she's as far away as she could be. The yarn's Rav page.

I've also joined a yarn club for the first time ever. This is the first of three skeins I'll get this spring from the  Plucky Knitter. It's Primo fingering, merino-cashmere-nylon blend in the colour The Hills Are Alive. Here's the Rav page for the yarn.

Then I've got this Evilla 8/2 lace yarn from Kissanviiksi, in shade A-76. A lovely melage of browns and grey. There's 220 grams in the skein and here's the yarn's Rav page.

It will become a Revontuli shawl. Which reminds me, the first Ulla of 2011 has been published. Check it out!

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