Going green

Hey presto, i have a balcony in my new-ish flat! Shall i let the balcony in peace, or... shall i grow so much stuff i'll have to give some away? Decisions, decisions...

This is what my bedroom window looked in March:

There's white geranium:

a shrub-like garden variety of daisy ( no idea what it's in English):

i think this plant is called coleus:

not to forget the most important stuff:
grass for my cat, which lives in the kitchen window
(the grass, not the cat, at least, not all the time)

the idea being she'll leave the seedlings in peace and eat this.
So far it has worked.
I have to admit, i'm rather surprised.

There's also tzinnias, lime marigolds and some yellow-flowered species the name of which i've forgotten. I'm also planning to grow salads, herbs and some tomatoes. And maybe white sweet peas and lavender just outside my bedroom window. I'm already dreaming of their scent wafting to my bedroom during dusk.

The seedlings do not fit in to my bedroom window sill anymore, but have taken over the living room too. They are rather bigger, too. The Cat is not pleased.

Yes, i'll have to borrow a balcony or two from my neighbours.

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