In the pink & a tiny change in timing

I made socks for my mother for Mother's Day:

She liked them! The yarn is from Handu,  sock yarn in two diffrent colours. It might not be evident, but i knit 2-row stripes.

I'm changing my knitting schedule a bit. I blogged about knitting a blue scarf, but I bought some tan silk yarn from Kissanviiksi, and will probably knit a shawl out of it next as a commute-knit. But, I still have my cowl in progress as a commute knit. It might take some time to finish, as I cyckled to work this morning. No knitting during. If the weather keeps warm  & sunny I'll continue cyckling. However, Finnish spring is fickle, if anything, and it just might snow next week. Or hail, at the very least.

At home, I unearthed an UFO (unfinished object) from last summer and turned it into a WIP (work in progress). It's a basic striped cardi made from Sublime's Soya Cotton DK, in colours 



and  it might get a bit of ginseng in details, I'm not sure.

The pattern is Basic black by Glenna C. from Knitting to stay sane. I'm adding pockets to the front.

I'm making one-row stripes.

I saw a bird cherry in flower on my way to work, and the lilies-of the valley are almost in flower! Spring, I love you!

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