In the gardens

I spend last weekend with my mother. The weather was not the one I would have chosen, but I managed to do some stuff in her garder regardless. I sort of take care of her garden, her role is to water it when needed. I also went to see my father. My father's spouse is really keen on gardening.

These are photos from both gardens.

Tulips are over, but still impressive.

The hydrangea has suffered some snow damage.

Mother's neighbour did a clear felling next to her house; not a thing you usually want in your doorstep. In this case it's just what the doctor ordered: all this lovely evening light where it used to be quite dark thanks to a dense spruce forest.

I've grown theses English (or Lawn) Daisies (Bellis perennis) from seeds.

I really, really like Pussytoes. These are also from seeds, grown by me.

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