Rhodo overload

So, last week came and went. I went out three nights in a row, again. Thursday was a work-related do, Friday I partied (bad music, though) with a friend and Saturday I went over to another friend's place. We were supposed to make some jewellery and drink some champagne. Only managed the latter, plus a real orgy of watching princess Viktoria of Sweden getting married. Sunday I spent washing copious loads of laundry and not much else.

And yesterday, well, we had a sort of a work do, developing our communication skills etc, and somehow that ended in one of my fave pubs in Helsinki. Weird. Luckily I was home by 9.30 pm, as I had to see my dentist today at 8 am.

On craft-side, I've sewn myself a new pair of pants. I'll blog about that later on. I've knit only a little, and mom's 60th BD is approaching steadily. However, this blog post is about flowers, more specifically, of rhododendrons. There is a Rhododendron Park near to where I live in Helsinki. I visited a few days ago, and it was glorious. I don't especially like rhodos, but I know lots of other people really love them and photographing them was nice. There are some azaleas in the park, too, plus one of the two native rhodos existing in Finland: wild rosemary (R. tomentosum). It used to be Ledum palustris, I swear, when I studied at U of H.

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