summer holiday is over

My four weeks of summer holiday are in the past. they passed all too quickly.

However, little kitty-cat's holiday has continued for the past week, so she has had five weeks of being pampered at my mother's. I'll try to get her to come home this weekend. She won't be happy with a two-room + kitchen apartment after two-storey detached surrounded with own forests-plus-lawn-as-playground. Not to mention my mother's patience with walking her around outside. (Pikku-Hukka is not allowed outside alone.)

During the blessed four weeks I travelled to Budapest and UK, stayed with my mother and father, saw friends and family, ate well, drank well, laughed a lot and really, really enjoyed the untypically sunny & hot weather. I also knit some, read some and sewed none. I'd love the warm weather to continue, but really, after such a summer I can also look forward to the autumn - and wool knitting.

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