Too much knitting time

Yes. I never believed it could come to this, but i have too much knitting time: i'm on a sick leave. I've got a bursitis, which means i have too muck liquid in the bursa of my right knee. A bursa is just a sack with fluid; it's job is to keep movements painless. I rather think i got my bursitis from too much exercise; my doctor told me one could also get it from gardening or cleaning up too much. not bloody likely.

So, i've been on sick leave the whole of last week and will be until Thursday this week. And what have i been doing? knitting and reading, plus a tiny bit of sewing-related actions. I've finished a scarf, and i've knit more than half of a cabled cardigan. I've also read some but funnily i seem to have no readable books in my 30+ shelve metres of books.

The sewing activity relates to this pattern:

It's from Hot Patterns, their Plain & Simple Superfantastic Shirt. I've cut the pattern and i've also cut my muslin, which i almost never do. The joke is that i'm making my muslin from a nice white cotton batiste. If it fits, i've got myself a shirt.

I really love the style of the shirt, BUT. It has dropped shoulders (only a tiny bit dropped, but still) and it is quite roomy fit with a pleat in front. These features are such i usually shy away from, being wide shouldered with a considerable bust. Well, well. I'll see. I can always deem the shirt (or blouse, as HP lists it) as home-wear. I'm making the collared version.

Along with this, i bought a few other HP patterns couple of months ago, but this is the first i'm actually making. if it works, i'm buying more patterns trying the other ones i've already purchased.

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