Summer is turning into autumn

Since returning to the city from my vacation, i've been able to eat my own tomatoes. granted, i can count the tomatoes eaten by my fingers, but all of them have tasted really good.  (Thank you father for the plant!) There are still quite a few waiting to ripen and i'm becoming to be afraid they won't have sufficient time to do it.

The summer is ending, you can smell it. And the nights and the mornings have a new bright crispiness to them. I fear my poor green tomatoes will get frostbite instead of red cheeks. Still, the summer was so glorious that i'm welcoming the change. i always feel especially alive during the autumn.

i spent the weekend at my father's. Pikku-Hukka hunted down and killed a pair of striped socks and brought them to me at 3.50 am on Sunday morning. clever little cat. now she is fast asleep in her own wooden bowl, formarly known as my fruit bowl.

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