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A couple of posts ago I wrote that I had nothing else to do than to knit and read. Well, I had obviously forgotten internet shopping. Eventually, I did remember it and I ordered the Brave New Knits -book from amazon.com. I was tempted by Jared Floods really beautiful photos.

Also, the book contains a design by the talented Mari Muinonen. Anyway, here the book is. By the way, it took only a week to a day to reach me, and all the way from States to Finland, too.
There are several designs I'd like to knit at some point.
The first design to try out will be the Foxgloves by Clara Parker, I believe.  They look the be just the thing for nippy Finnish autumn mornings.

Although I have to say that this morning was really warm for the time of the year and during the afternoon, it reached 18 degrees centigrade.
Other me designs include Jared's own Woodsmoke scarf and Woolly Wormheads Lenina cap. All the socks in the book look interesting, too.

I'd love to knit Melissa Wehrle's Origami shrug for its construction, (could never wear it, would not flatter me and it has too much lace), Kat Coyle's Lace Flower pins for gifts, Norah Gaughan's Sprouting cloche for its shear audacity (but would I wear it?) and Mari's Krookus cardigan for it's architectural beauty (but raglan sleeves do not flatter me.) I wonder, would my mother like Krookus, in bold red perhaps? I have to think about it. 
There are a few designs I will not consider. They are those with too much lace or raglans sleeves.
Overall, a better book than most and the photos are beautiful and such which give a good idea of the knitted piece, too.  Usually knitting books have only one or two designs to tempt me. That's way I prefer to buy my patterns singly from net. Which reminds me, bought the Hawthorne pattern from Twist Collective the other day. I will knit it from an orangy-red colourmart cashmere/merino blend for Christmas time.
What else? I've eaten more tomatoes from my plant, but i fear I will not get many more this year before frost.

And the obligatory cat photo:

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