FO: silken cowl

My first cowl and first time using handmaiden sea silk. Lovely pattern (a pdf link) and lovely yarn with great shine and lots of drape. The silk in the yarn gives a bit of halo; don't know how it will behave in the long run. Anyway, I doubt this will become an everyday piece.

I don't know the colour as it was not marked on the skein. A warm neutral anyway. Now I just have to figure out with what to wear it. perhaps I'll need to knit something to go with it?
More info in ravelry.

This has been a lousy week for me work-wise; did not get practically anything done and had the attention span of a fly. Finally, today, I understood that it was all due to my knee. I had the week before off work again, because the bursitis came back with a vengance. The worry about it has not been far away during the whole week; thus the lack of concentration.  Anyway, the exercise-prohibition ends next week and i'll start with slow swimming and see were it goes. I still have a tiny bump on my knee; I'm rather hoping it's just blood and will dissappear gradually by itself. If it won't or starts to increase again, back to the doctors'.

With all this time of work, I've really managed to knit a lot. Like this nearly finished pullover I started last week. Knit with 100% tweed merino wool and 3mm needles. The first time I'm using Elizabeth Zimmermann's EPS system.

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