Girls, girls, girls

There were four women around a table at a friend's last weekend, and the talk turned into nails. All others present had lovely, long nails except me. I've never had long nails, somehow I just brake them. Always. Obviously I do not take care of them, enough. However, that evening I was convinced that all that could change. So, as per Midori'ss instructions, of I went to Stockmann, and bought a bottle of Nail Tek hydration II.

The first step was to exfoliate my hands with olive oil and sugar. Then I filed my nails and on went the Nail Tek II. You're supposed to add another layer every day, I was told, and clean all of once a week and start again. In couple of months time I will have beautiful, strong nails. I hope. This is the start:

Please do not pay too much attention to my cuticles.

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