Random things

1. Not the best week

2. Father went to have his heart operation on Monday, and during the actual operation they found two more holes in his heart (the count is now three). That put stop to that. So, instead of having a simple operation (endoscopy in english, i believe) his is set to have a traditional, big, open heart surgery, where they stop your heart, cut it and do their stuff, and wake it up again. The new date is not known as yet. It won't probably happen this year, but during this winter anyway.

3. Not the best week

4. Finished a new hat for me, meant for these warm-cold days, when one needs a light weight hat

5. The hat weights 40 grams and is made of grignasco flavia baby. CO 160 sts, knit 3-row stripes (jogless). it's been in use all week

6. I'm seriously behind with my Christmas knitting which means I have not started it as yet.

7. I have a huge list of things to do this weekend: insulate the windows, clear up the dead flowers and herbs away from the balcony, maybe string the fairy lighst in place, clean the appartment, go jogging twice, sew up bit more of the new grey winter coat and knit my friends vest ready for final fitting. I'm rather tired already.

8. Originally the list included buying new curtain fixtures, but I gave up on that upon waking this morning.

9. For once that fate is with me, we all get an extra hour to sleep/clean tomorrow morning.

10. The Cat wants to be let out to the balcony. Have to go.

11 am. Balcony cleaned, fairylights in place. now a spot of lunch and tea.

1.25 pm bedroom window and ventilating window sealed. wish I had washed the frames the last time I washed the windows. I have 24 meters of seal altogether and kitchen plus two living room windows to seal yet. I suspect I'm gonna run out of seal.

2.45 pm. yep, did run out of the seal insulating the ventilation window of the livingroom. I still have some sealing tape to use. I'll tape the outermost windows. Still, have to get more seal next week. I do need a cup of tea.

5.05 pm Why is it that The Cat has to go pee immediately I have cleaned her litter box? I forgot planting from my list. Have planted one amaryllis bulb and three hyacinths. next up, hoovering.

6.00 pm off to sauna

6.55 pm blessed sauna. now i'm gonna knit the evening through - this is the first weekend home in the whole of October so I'm just going to be.

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