Successful weight loss and an FO

Congrats to Pikku-Hukka! She has lost a kilo, which is half of the total weight loss aimed at. She now weights 5.5 kilos, we aim at 4.5 kilos.

I’ve finished a pair of socks. I’m wearing my new socks and they have the best fit I’ve ever had with socks.

Here is the Ravelry project page link.

Oh, in the last post I wrote I only knit one pair of socks last year. That’s not true, actually.  I knit one pair for me but I also knit a pair for mom. So, two pairs of socks for 2010. I think I'll knit a few more pairs this year as I have my second pair on needles already.

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  1. Wau, no sehän on hyvin. Onnea Pikku-Hukalle!