First knit of 2011

For a knitter, I have woefully few handknit socks I've knit myself. Most of my woollen socks have been knit & gifted to me by my sister Marika (thanks honey! and yes, you can keep on knitting them...). Last year I knit one pair of socks, that's not enough so I begun this year as I plan to go. I cast on for a pair of striped socks.

For some reason this particular colour combo reminds me of Tigger, even though the colours are somewhat different. As I write this, the first sock is finished and I just turned the heel on the secod sock. I'm also knitting an anatomical toe to these. I've never tried that before.

The knitting box bag is from Splityarn. I treated myself to one last Nov and have been using it ever since. Impeccable sewing & finishing, a sturdy bag and I just love the combination of fabrics. The bag just fits my three center-pull balls of Sisu yarn plus the needles.  For the first time, I'm using Kollage's square knitting needles. I bought them because I knit loosely and I've heard one can knit tighter with these than with round needles. So far I like them, dunno whether I knit tighter but at least the sts are more uniform.

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